Freight Operations
February 15, 2024

Preventing Fraud in Freight: Strategic Cargo Theft on the Rise

The issue of cargo theft through double brokering remains a significant concern in the US trucking...

Freight Operations
December 12, 2023

5 Key Questions Small Carriers Should Ask Freight Factoring Companies

When you're a small player in the transportation game, managing your cash flow can be quite the...

Freight Operations
December 08, 2023

Where Does the Convoy Shutdown Leave Small Carriers?

The Convoy collapse was as quick as it was sudden. Convoy commanded a $3.8 billion valuation less...

Freight Operations
October 23, 2023

Critical Issues: Top 10 Concerns of Trucking in 2023

Atri's annual report sheds light on the critical concerns for carriers and owner-operators in the...

Freight Operations
October 16, 2023

Preventing Fraud in Freight: Tips for Carriers

Protect yourself from falling victim to scams that could impact your bottom line.

Fraudulent loads...

Freight Factoring
October 04, 2023

What is Freight Factoring?

If you are running a trucking company, whether it be one truck or fifty trucks, there is one thing...

Fuel Card
September 18, 2023

Why Fuel Cards are a Must-Have for Truckers and Owner Operators

If you're the owner-operator of a trucking company, you know that times can be tight and keeping...

Freight Operations
June 08, 2023

Preventing Fraud in Freight: The Credit Check Advantage

Fraud can, unfortunately, occur in any industry, and lately, there has been a rise in incidents...

Freight Operations
February 07, 2023

Everything You Should Know About Trucking Insurance

If you are starting your trucking company or trying to catch up with more opportunities to upgrade...

Freight Operations
January 19, 2023

Back to Basics: Choose the Right Truck for Your Company

If you are starting a trucking company or looking to expand your fleet to take better hauls, you...

Freight Operations
December 15, 2022

Turn Your Cash Flow Into a Competitive Advantage

It's no secret that cash flow, or the lack of it, is a risk factor for many companies. But there is...

Freight Operations
November 29, 2022

Top 5 Cities and Ports That Receive the Most Shipments in the US

The most populated cities in the US are a good start to understanding what cities receive the...

Summar Updates
July 19, 2022

Summar Launches 1 PM Cut-off Time Nationwide for Same-Day Purchases

Miami, July 19th, 2022 - Creating solutions that allow company owners to be at the forefront of...
Freight Operations
April 20, 2022

Improve your Trucking Route – And your Income – With These Pro Tips

Step one, plan your routes. Just as you plan the significant milestones of your company, you need to

Scale ups Cash Flow
April 13, 2022

Three Ways to Increase Cash Flow for your Small Business

Business owners still believe cash flow is a top concern. In fact, a study published by Capital One...

Scale ups Cash Flow
April 06, 2022

Term Loans vs. Lines of Credit: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

When your business needs funding to grow, bridge cash flow gaps or take advantage of a can’t-miss...

Scale ups Investment
March 30, 2022

Seven Starter Steps to Organize Your Small Business Finances

Going into business for yourself is a big deal. There’s always a long to-do list and if you’re not...

Scale ups Investment
March 23, 2022

Seven Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Scaled Their Business

In every successful entrepreneur’s life there comes a breaking point: When you either must clone...

Scale ups Factoring
February 16, 2022

Is Invoice Factoring Right For Your Small Business?

If your business, like many others, has outstanding invoices and slow-paying customers, you don’t...

Scale ups Factoring
February 09, 2022

Industries That Can Benefit From Invoice Factoring

From agricultural and food production to staffing and frozen foods. At Summar, we offer factoring...

Freight Operations
February 02, 2022

How Can Truckers Survive Slow or Challenging Markets?

The last few months have been proof of how everything can change in a matter of days. Slow markets...

February 02, 2022

How to Take Care of a Reefer Truck

If you drive reefer trucks, your top priority is the maintenance of the refrigerated box. For...

Scale ups Factoring
January 26, 2022

How Can International Factoring Improve your Company's Balance Ratios?

Export factoring is the transfer of the collection rights of the invoices issued by an exporter,...

Freight Cash Flow
January 06, 2022

Standby Hours: What Are They and How Do They Affect Your Cash Flow?

Many things can delay the loading of your truck, causing frustration and affecting the way you...

Freight Operations
November 23, 2021

Trucking as a Career: Why Is This the Best Time to Start?

The world needs more truckers. If we could learn anything during the pandemic about logistics and...

Freight Operations
November 10, 2021

Crucial US Cities for Trucking: The Five Most Significant Locations

If you want to work as a truck driver or you already are, but you want to increase the number of...

Freight Operations
October 12, 2021

Improve Cash Flow with Freight Factoring no Matter Your Business Stage

Funding challenges for trucking companies creep up at any possible moment. In the beginning, there...

Freight Operations
August 31, 2021

Top Three Load Boards for Trucking Businesses and Carriers

The best load boards in 2021 include some of the longest-running service providers in the industry....

Freight Operations
August 25, 2021

2021: Facts About Trucking and The Future of Freight

It pays to start with the driver when discussing how the trucking industry will evolve over the...

August 19, 2021

Invoice Factoring or Bank Loan?

When choosing a financing option for your company, it is important to consider all the...

Freight Operations
August 12, 2021

Tools and Figures for Reinvesting in the Trucking Business

Trucking business owners need to reinvest a certain amount of money every month, quarter, and year...

Freight Operations
July 28, 2021

9 Financial KPIs To Measure The Health Of Your Trucking Business

When you are trying to grow your trucking business, you need more than an optimized cash flow. You...

Freight Operations
July 19, 2021

Technology Is A Good Investment For Truckers, Discover Why

Technology is one of the best investments a trucking company can make for the health of its...

Freight Cash Flow
June 24, 2021

5 Steps To Optimize Your Cash Flow and Funding for Trucking

Your cash flow is vital for the health and success of your trucking business, that's a fact. If you...

Freight Cash Flow
June 15, 2021

Build An Easy Strategic Business Plan For Your Trucking Company

Whether your trucking company is just starting or you are looking to expand your operations, a...

Scale ups Factoring
March 30, 2021

What Invoice Factoring Is and How It Works

Have you ever considered invoice factoring in the moments you have required fast and secure funding?

Freight Operations
February 25, 2021

Choose the Perfect TMS for Your Small Trucking Company

Finding the best fit can be overwhelming in a world full of options, especially regarding...
Scale ups Factoring
January 06, 2021

All You Should Know About Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing (PO financing or PO lending) can be of enormous importance and benefit to...

Freight Operations
December 23, 2020

Risks and Rewards of Automating Trucking Operating Expenses

Finding ways to save time and cut corners without making mistakes is critical in the trucking...

Freight Cash Flow
December 16, 2020

Simple Tips To Improve Your Negotiation Skills With Freight Brokers

When negotiating with freight brokers, you need to be prepared for some give and take on your...

Scale ups Cash Flow
November 16, 2020

What Type of Financing Is Available for Startups?

Every Startup needs access to capital, whether for initial rollout efforts, acquiring inventory,...

Summar Updates
November 11, 2020

Summar Receives a New Award

Miami, November 10th, 2020 - One of our commitments and brand values is to WOW our clients every...

Summar Updates
November 06, 2020

Summar Financial Launches its New Website

Miami, November 6th, 2020 - After a lot of creativity and hard work, we are delighted to announce...

Freight Operations
November 03, 2020

How to Achieve Success With Your Trucking Business?

All companies were born from the dream of success. We know the day you set a milestone by starting...

Freight Investment
October 20, 2020

Factoring: A Way of Minimizing Risk From Your Investments

Throughout your company's life cycle, you will require personalized strategic directions that allow...

Freight Factoring
October 14, 2020

Is Your Factor an Ally To Your Growth?

One of the main reasons truckers choose factoring as their favorite financing option is to have...

Freight Investment
October 08, 2020

What Are the Best Investment Options for Trucking Companies?

Now that the COVID pandemic crisis seems to be calming down and small businesses are opening back...

Freight Operations
September 29, 2020

How to Successfully Grow Your Trucking Company?

Taking the first step and starting your own business was the initial milestone in the history of...

Freight Investment
September 22, 2020

When Is a Good Time to Expand My Truck Fleet?

In this day and age, it’s essential to have a truck fleet that can meet the ever-increasing demands...

Freight Operations
September 10, 2020

How Can COVID-19 Legislation Affect Truckers as the Summer Ends?

The coronavirus pandemic has fast-spread through society after society around the world. According...