Trucking as a Career: Why Is This the Best Time to Start?


The world needs more truckers. If we could learn anything during the pandemic about logistics and essential jobs, it would be the importance of truckers for, well, everything we need! According to the American Trucking Association ATA, trucks move approximately 72.5% of the freight, a.k.a all the stuff you need, in the US.

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Today more than ever, more truckers are needed on the market. The ongoing challenges from supply chain disruptions make truck drivers essential to keep products flowing, especially this holiday season! As a result, finding loads may be easier now than ever, which can provide job security for every new trucker on the market.

Also, rates increased 13% in October compared to 2020. Supply chain challenges, driver shortage, and constant demand will drive future rates increases for the rest of 2021 and throughout 2022. In addition, the global economic reactivation makes freight transport crucial to maintaining the stock of products as it should be.

That’s why Bankrate created this guide to support those looking to become truckers as a way to earn a steady income, provide for their families, or simply for a career change. Included in the guide:

If becoming a trucker looks like an option to you, we can help you out! At Summar, we know better than anyone how important it is to guarantee the financial security of truckers, especially when they are just starting.

Funding solutions tailor-made for your growth

In addition to having a market eager to welcome new drivers, you will find funding products made for truckers like you that will make it easier to start in the freight industry!

With many freight brokers offering payment terms of 30, 60, and even 60 days, you'll benefit from having a financial partner that pays you for your delivered loads right away, so you have the cash flow needed to keep rolling

How does it work? At Summar, we purchase your invoices in record time! So what does that mean to you? With a fast payment, you will count on your money for fuel and supplies to carry all your loads on time and keep accepting new loads!

Our factoring programs, made for entrepreneurs like you, will let you focus on the essentials and leave your funding and collecting to us. Thus, you can keep growing and take advantage of the opportunity to discover all of America and rock your new career! Contact us today!

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