Fuel Advances With-in 30 Minutes With Freight Factoring!

Take your trucking company to the next level with freight factoring. See how in 30 minutes Summar can provide you with a fuel advance.

Fuel for a commercial truck costs on average about $70,000 a year (calculated at 12,000 miles per month with 6 mpg efficiency and $2.8/gallon). In fact, fuel is the number one operating cost for trucking companies, even exceeding drivers’ pay. If you run a trucking company you are familiar with the problematic, so consider how having fuel advances can greatly impact your growth.

Would having a percentage of your fuel money up front allow you to deliver more loads?

Would it take some pressure off of your cash flow? Would it enable you to grow your company faster?

You can’t deliver goods without fuel. You can’t obtain fuel without cash. You can’t get the cash until you deliver the goods. It’s a circular problem. By using freight factoring, you can get fuel advances as soon as you’ve loaded your truck but not all truck freight factoring companies offer fuel advances for truckers.

We Do! In fact, we offer the most competitive fuel advance program in the industry! No matter if you’re an owner-operator or own a small to mid-sized trucking fleet, we offer trucking fuel advances that will guarantee you can run more loads.

Let’s look at an example of how this can work with a transportation company that has 20 trucks in its fleet. If each truck has a $1,000 load, you can get 50% or $500 per truck as a fuel advance when your trucks get loaded.

So that’s $500 per truck, per day or $10,000 a day. Plus, once you deliver the loads, you receive the remaining 50% for each load, minus the freight factoring fee (2% to 4%), in as little as one day from the date of delivery.

In the span of a single day, with 20 trucks making $1,000 deliveries you can earn another $500 per truck or $10,000.

If you repeat the process over a 30-day period, that’s $500,000 worth of loads that you have been able to successfully delivered using $0 of your cash and the best of all is that your profits are in your hands immediately. You can invest those profits back into your trucking business by growing your fleet, increasing your number of runs, keeping your trucks maintained and on the road, or hiring more drivers.

In addition, Summar’s truck factoring program uses the latest technology so you can account for everything online. If you’re interested in learning more about freight factoring, contact us with the particulars of your situation so that we can tailor the perfect program for your trucking business. We have a fully bilingual staff and are available from 9am- 9pm EST M-F and from 9am-3pm EST on Saturdays.

Let us help you take your trucking company to the next level with fuel advances and same day payments! Contact us today, and get paid tomorrow- it’s that simple!

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